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October 10, 2004
November = $$$ games

November is in 3 weeks and yeah it gonna be an expensive month for gamers. First the long awaited Halo 2 is coming out november 09. I will be sure to pick it up because I enjoyed so much the first one and this one is promising to be the best game of the year ... well at least the best FPS of 2003 :).Up until now I have only seen short video but that's good enought because I don't want to be spoiled.

The next best thing will be Metal Gear Solid 3. I didn't read much about it until I played the demo recently. The game seem to be set in the past or at least it seem to be in the prologue mission. So when I knew that I was like O_O... Don't worry you still play as Snake but no one know wich version of Snake you play. In Metal Gear Solid 1-2 we learn that Solid Snake is actually a clone of Big Boss himself. So it could be this version of Snake we play in Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater. In my opinion take make a great idea to see Metal Gear from another point of view. Raiden in MGS 2 was a boring idea... Sure they needed some original stuff but come on. Everyone was waiting to play as Solid Snake since MSG was released on psx. The new stuff in the demo is all great, first you have to feed yourself. That mean you have to find your own food or kill it (Snake Eater is the subtitle of the game dont forget it :P). You need to hide yourself with camoflage this time. No more radar to see the enemies. And last thing is the awesome graphics engine...

The last thing I want to talk about is the new Nintendo portable console the DS. I wasn't planing on buying it but since Square-Enix plan to release Final Fantasy III on it, I changed my mind ;) My GBA SP being broken is another good point to get it. I didn't look for December upcoming release but it sure to be alot worse than November...


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