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June 8, 2004
[Misc] Personal Stuff

Hi! it's been a few days without any updates that's because I have been busy with my personal life. First thing is I'm quite happy that since I put some Tenjo Tenge scan on my site, I got over 4000 pages loads thanks everyone. I know most are probably coming here to leech those files but it's ok if this can make some people interested in anything else on that site that make me quite happy. No more gaming news here ? well there's much better site to get news so beside the E3 stuff I decided to stop those. Check the link section for better site such as USO or The Sugoi. As for myself well I fell like gaming is not as fun as it was some years ago. Beside some great game I played this year I felt disapointement in most new stuff. As for anime I discovered some good stuff this season such as Monster, GANTZ and Kono Minikikumo Utskushii Sekai. I think those are all great but for some reason I prefer Monster. I got hooked on it since the first episode. Tenjo Tenge anime is quite good too but the anime suffer from some issues. The animation and design quality are not that great after a couples of episodes it's only getting worse. Something else that keep my time quite busy is DVD. I bought some old classical Hammer Horror film. But those are mostly dissapointement. Some friend recommended theses films but I don't know maybe I'm not in the right mood for them. Oh well in the next few day I will upload the latest translated chapter of Tenjo Tenge so be patient please ^-^


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